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Hyena and Leopard Share a Meal—Before a Surprise Upsets Truce | Nat Geo Wild

Thievery reigns supreme amongst the animals of the South African bush
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A male leopard, known as Hosana to safari guides, and a hyena are feeding on the body of a pregnant ungulate. They stole the kill from the leopard’s half-sister, named Thandi. Both tear at the carcass to eat as quickly as possible, in an opportunistic tug-of-war. The big leopard is called Tingana, who is the father of Hosana. A three-way leopard standoff ensues. The carcass, stolen for the second time, seems to be in the firm grasp of Tingana. Hosana and Thandi wait at the bottom of the tree in case the big leopard drops his prize. Tingana victoriously urinates on the ground below, marking his territory.

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Hyena and Leopard Share a Meal—Before a Surprise Upsets Truce | Nat Geo Wild

Nat Geo Wild

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